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The Most Versatile Log Reporting Software. Say Hello to Vantage 3.0!

Turn log files into sensible, automated reports, securely delivered to the right people.

Web Usage Report - Unproductive Categories
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New in Vantage 3.0

Vantage 3.0 draws on two decades of log analysis experience to bring unparalleled flexibility when it comes to defining your log reporting process.

Optimized for Internet Usage Reporting

WebSpy Vantage is a generic log analysis application, but we’ve included some powerful features to make Internet usage reporting simple and useful.

Web Usage Report - Websites for each category
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Reports the way you want them.

Vantage’s powerful report template designer puts you in full control over your report content.

Web Usage Report Template Editor
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Aliases. Because logs are ugly.

WebSpy Vantage’s Aliasing system lets you group IPs into subnets, users into departments, error codes into descriptions, user agents into applications and more! Display these aliased values in your report content, use them in filters, or split reports into multiple reports.

IP Addresses into Subnets

Aliasing IP addresses into Subnets
Reporting on Subnets

Usernames into Departments

Aliasing Usernames into Departments
Reporting on Departments

User Agents into Applications

Alias User Agents into Applications
Reporting on Applications

Active Directory / LDAP Integration

Utilize Active Directory information to group people and managers by departments, offices, OUs.

Active Directory Organization Import
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Reports For Each Manager

Email reports to the intended recipients, or provide secure web-based access to reports via the Vantage Web Module.


Automate Reports Scheduled Tasks

Automate the entire reporting process from importing logs, synchronising with Active Directory and resolving IPs, to delivering reports.

No Data Import Limits

Import as much data as your hard drives can store, from over 200 common network devices.

Select from over 200 supported log file formats.

Supported Log File Formats in Vantage
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Supported Log File Formats
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Trusted by Great Companies Worldwide

WebSpy Vantage is used by thousands of companies, educational institutions and government organisations across almost every industry and continent (still waiting on Antartica…)

WebSpy Vantage Customers
I recommend Vantage to any organization that is looking to understand how their Internet resources are being used.

Jonathan Humphrey (IT Director), Codemasters
Without WebSpy, we would literally be poking around in the dark…

Etienne Liebetrau, Woolworths

WebSpy Vantage 3.0 Is Available Now

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It’s always a pleasure to talk to people who are nice, kind, polite, caring and knowledgable. I think the whole support team at Fastvue and WebSpy fit that bill. As I’ve stated before, you are my favorite vendor and support team to deal with.  You care and you stand behind your products. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Karla Marciszewski (Network Security Specialist), Cuyahoga County