30 10, 2009

ComGuard Showcasing WebSpy's Monitoring Software at GITEX

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Our Middle East Partner, ComGuard, represented WebSpy at GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK the 18th to 22nd of October. On behalf of WebSpy and ComGuard, I would like to thank all GITEX visitors for showing such an overwhelming interest in our products. I’ve been in touch with ComGuard’s Product Manager, Amir Mohsen Abedinifar, who was present at [...]

14 10, 2009

Microsoft Forefront TMG Release Candidate now available

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Microsoft have announced the availability of Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) Release Candidate (RC). This is the final public release of TMG before it is made available to purchase. If you're considering upgrading your ISA Server to TMG, this means that you can start your deployment using the Release Candidate, and simply switch it to a licenced version with no additional configuration changes once the full release is available.

9 10, 2009

WebSpy Propose to Acquire Marketboomer

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Today has been a very eventful day. This morning we announced WebSpy’s proposed acquisition of procurement and materials management system provider, Marketboomer. Ever since we let the news slip there has been a steady stream of phone calls, emails and tweets. So, who is Marketboomer and why has WebSpy proposed to acquire them? […]

9 09, 2009

Exciting New Features in Vantage Update

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Attention all Vantage customers (and triallers). We've just released build as an auto-update. This build includes new features such as scheduled data purge, support for Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway, and scheduling CSV imports into your Organizational structure.

26 06, 2009

Vantage 2.2 now available!

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I'm happy to announce the release of Vantage 2.2! All three products in the Vantage range (Premium, Giga and Ultimate) have been update with the following features: Multi-processing, Improved report styles, Updated Aliases and Profiles, Storage Repair Utility, Save / Open Tasks. Obviously, the multi-processing feature is the big one! Many of you (Vantage customers) have been running Vantage on multi-core or multi-cpu machines and just dying for Vantage to grab hold of the CPUs and make them work. You should be happy with this new build.

23 06, 2009

How to Benefit from Monitoring Good Web Activity

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When talking about monitoring and reporting organizational Internet usage it is often automatically assumed that bad behaviour, security concerns and acute issues are the focus of attention. You want to find out exactly why your bandwidth costs have increased enormously, who is taking advantage of your online resources, what activity can pose a security threat [...]

15 06, 2009

U.S Army End Ban on Social Media Sites

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After blogging about an increase in Australian employers blocking social network access it is refreshing to see a more positive trend. Certain U.S. Army bases, that formerly blocked access to Web 2.0 sites, now permit users to surf to sites such as Facebook and Flickr. The Army has ordered its network managers to give soldiers [...]

10 06, 2009

Invitation to Participate in Unique Web Usage Study

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We are happy to announce that all existing WebSpy clients, and prospective clients, are presented with a unique opportunity to participate in a workplace internet leisure browsing (WILB) study carried out by Dr Brent Coker from the University of Melbourne. Dr Brent Coker is seeking organizations who would be interested in participating in a study to examine how WILB affects their employees’ productivity. Initial evidence from suggests WILB in certain circumstances can result in improved productivity.