Exciting New Features in Vantage Update

Attention all Vantage customers (and evaluators). We’ve just released build as an auto-update. This build includes support for Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway, and new features such as scheduled ‘data purge’ and scheduling CSV imports into your Organizational structure.

You should be prompted to update your software on startup, but if you’ve turned off that feature, simply go to Tools | Check for Updates.

New Features

This new build sports the following new features:

  • Support for Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (Beta)
    Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (FTMG) is still currently in Beta, and is due to be released around November 2009. For those that do not know, FTMG is the next version of Microsoft’s popular ISA Server. Information and downloads for FTMG can be found here http://www.microsoft.com/forefront/edgesecurity/isaserver/en/us/tmg-beta.aspx. We have added support for FTMG beta 2 and 3 for both the W3C text logs (recommended) and the internal SQL Server Express Database logs. If you are currently trialling FTMG, we are very interested to hear your feedback. Let us know how you go!

    Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway

    Now Supported - Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway

  • Data purge
    You can now purge data from a storage, and schedule this purge to occur on a regular basis using Tasks. Purge options include data between a date range, data before a date, data after a date, data older than a date relative to now, and all data. This feature will let you easily maintain a single storage that only includes data for the last month or day.

    Options for Purging data from your storage

    Options for Purging data from your storage

  • Import Organization from CSV can now be scheduled using Tasks
    If you are importing your organizational structure from CSV, you can now schedule this action using Tasks. This enables you to update your organizational structure before any reports are run.

    Import Organization from CSV via Tasks

    Import Organization from CSV via Tasks

  • Added Support for ExoServer Web
    If you’re running ExoServer Web, you can now analyze it’s logs using WebSpy Vantage.


We also fixed some things that may have been bugging you:

  • Improved the start time for the application by improving the logic to check for Storage damage.
  • Fixed the IronPort loader (Fixed out of range issues on excessive size fields).
  • “Having” filters no longer override the sort order of a Report Template node.
  • Fixed an issue that may result in duplicated storages after migrating settings from earlier versions.
  • Fixed the inability to remove invalid entities from web module permissions list (users that no longer exist).
  • Fixed a timeout issue when publishing storages to the web module.

Why are you still reading? Go update now!

Have fun!

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