25 08, 2014

Rethinking Log Storage and Archiving with Data Deduplication

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As a typical IT department, we log a lot data. Loads of it. Thanks to various regulatory requirements, we need to log more and more data from more and more sources. That's a lot of mores! We are also required to mine more information from those logs, and need keep these logs in their original form for [...]

18 09, 2013

Superior WebSense Reporting with WebSpy Vantage

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WebSense Reporting just got better! If you're using WebSense Web Security Gateway 7.7 or above, you can now import your WebSense log files into WebSpy Vantage and enjoy its extensive Report Templating, Aliasing and scheduling features to get the right report to the right person. Here's how! Configure WebSense's SIEM Integration Options Open your WebSense [...]

20 05, 2013

How to Report on Enterprise Storages – Vantage Guidelines

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Vantage Giga can be a very effective tool for generating useful management reports on Internet, email, and network activity in large organizations. Because large organizations generally have a large volume of log data to report on, here are a few guidelines on how to report on enterprise storages to help make the reporting process as [...]