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This blog article will look at the Dynamic Employee Internet Reports feature in the Vantage Ultimate Web Module, and how they work.

Dynamic Reports are similar to Collated Reports (see support article) however you can create Dynamic Reports easily at any time from the reports already uploaded to the web module, like a dynamic Summaries analysis.

For example, if you published an Individual User Activity Report every day, for each of your users, then you could use the Dynamic Reports section to generate a combined Individual Activity Report for all of your users for a single day, week or a month, or any other date range.

Dynamic reports can be accessed on the Dynamic Reports tab in the Web Module.

On the left hand side of the screen you will then see the names of all of the report templates that have been used to publish reports to the Web Module, such as Organization, Large Downloads, and Email Productivity. Select the template that you would like to generate a dynamic report for by clicking on the template name.

Date Range:
You can then select the date range that you would like your report to cover. The data available is the dates that are covered within the individual reports for that template that you have uploaded to your web module. For example, if you have published a Large Downloads report every month for the last 6 months to the web module, then you can select any date range within the last 6 months for your dynamic report.

However, if the individual reports you have published to the web module cover a one month range, then the dynamic report cannot be split down to reporting on just a single date. The smallest granularity that the dynamic report can cover is the range of the individual reports that have been published.

Organization Filter:
You can also use the Organization Filter option to narrow the dynamic report down to a single group within your organization. This will return only the reports that were attributed to that group. Any report that was attributed to Everybody cannot be filtered using the Organization Filter. To do this click the Organization Filter link, then select the group that you would like to filter by.

It’s possible to export your Dynamic Report to Packaged HTML (MHT), Loose HTML (ZIP), or Word Document (DOC) formats. To do this click the Export report link, then select the output format you would like to use.

You can also give users who log into the Web Module permission to use the Dynamic Report feature. To do this, go to the Web Module section in the Vantage Ultimate console, and connect to your web module. In the Permissions section select the user or group who you would like to have access to the Dynamic Reports feature, then click the Allow button for the Dynamic Reports section.

To apply these changes click the Apply Changes button, and then click the Synchronize link on the left to upload the changes to the web module.

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