Anonymize Employee Internet Reports in The Web Module

You can use the Vantage Web Module to anonymize employee internet reports by replacing the details of any field in any report, or analysis, with a random string of characters. This can be done after the reports and storages have been published to the web module, and is a permission that can be set on a per-user or per-group basis.

So, if you don’t want any user to be able to view specific details of a report, such as the individual usernames, or the sender or recipient names for an email report, this can be done.

To set which columns you would like anonymized:
1. Login to the Web Module as an administrator, and go to the Options tab
2. Click on Anonymous Columns
3. Type the name or part of the name of any columns into the Anonymize list. For example, if you add User to the Anonymize list, this will anonymize User, Username, User Agent, and any other column that contains the name User. You can remove any columns from being anonymized by adding them to the Do not anonymize list

4. When you are done, click Save Changes

To apply these settings to specific users:
1. Go to the Web Module tab in Vantage
2. Click on your web module, and click the Connect link on the left to connect to it
3. In the Permissions list, select the user or group that you would like to set this option for, or click Add to add a new user or group
4. Click the Deny radio button for the Identify Users row under the Web Module section
5. Click the Apply Changes button
6. Click the Synchronize link to upload these changes to the web module

Now when this user or any user in this group logs into the web module, any reports that have been published for them will have the values in the specified columns replaced with random strings, although the individual data for each item, such as hits, size and browsing time, will be retained. The same will apply to any new analyses they generate in the Analysis tab.

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