How to Create Anonymous Internet Reports in Vantage

To create anonymous Internet reports in Vantage you can the MD5 function to replace summary items with a unique MD5 sum, such as “294de3557d9d0b3d2d8a1e6aab028cf”.

To create anonymous Internet reports:

  1. Go to Reports in Vantage and right-click the report template you wish to anonymize, then choose Edit Template
  2. Double-click the node in the template that contains the users
  3. On the General page under Columns, double-click the key value that relates to the user / username
  4. Select the Custom Expresssion radio button, this will show you the formula for how Vantage builds the summary.
  5. To add the MD5 function, surround the existing expression or field with brackets and prefix it with md5, for example: md5([User]). If the expression already has brackets around it such as: Alias(“Usernames”, [User]), you can either replace this with md5([User]) or just add the md5 around the existing expression such as: md5(Alias(“Usernames”, [User]))
    Create Anonymous Internet Reports in Vantage
  6. Click OK on the Key dialog, and OK on the Template Node dialog

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