20 05, 2010

Vantage Update

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We've just released an auto update for WebSpy Vantage (Premium, Giga and Ultimate) as well as the Web Module. This is a great update for Vantage Ultimate users as we've introduced a new feature/tab into the Web Module called 'Dynamic Reports'. Here's the full list of changes since the last auto update ( on the 14th April 2010).

15 10, 2009

Where does Vantage store data and how do I change it?

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In the log file analysis world, we're always dealing with large volumes of data. By default, WebSpy Vantage stores its data, including the storages that you import log files into, somewhere on your c: drive. Changing this location to somewhere with more disk space is therefore one of the first steps that customers like to perform, so I thought I'd write a quick blog to explain the locations you should be aware of and how to change them.