Where does Vantage store data and how do I change it?

In the log file analysis world, we’re always dealing with large volumes of data. By default, WebSpy Vantage stores its data, including the storages that you import log files into, somewhere on your c: drive. Changing this location to somewhere with more disk space is therefore one of the first steps that customers like to perform, so I thought I’d write a quick blog to explain the locations you should be aware of and how to change them.

Vantage’s Storage Location

If you’re using Vantage Premium or Giga, there’s only one location you need to be aware of. That is where Vantage keeps its storages (Vantage’s custom database that log files are imported into). This setting is easily changed by going to Tools | Options | Paths and double clicking the Storages path. Easy.

Web Module Storage Locations

If you’re using Vantage Ultimate, you also need to be aware of the Storage location mentioned above, but you also may need to adjust where the Web Module stores its data.  There are two locations you need to be aware of here:

  1. The Web Module Data Location
    This is where the Web Module permanently keeps it’s storages, reports and settings
  2. The Windows temporary folder
    This is where Vantage keeps storages while they’re being processed before uploading them to the Web Module’s data location

The Web Module Data Location

The data location for the Web Module is specified during installation and defaults to C:Vantage Web Data. If you have already installed the Web Module, you can change this location using the following steps:

  1. Find the Web Module’s Web.Config file. The Web.Config file can be found in the Web Module’s physical folder. If you don’t know where the Web Module’s physical folder is:
    1. Open Microsoft IIS (Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager)
    2. Select the Web Module in the left hand side (e.g. Server-> Sites ->Default Web Site -> webmodule).
      • If you’re using IIS 6, Right-click the Web Module site and select Properties then go to the Home Directory tab to find the physical folder.
      • If you’re using II7, select your Web Module site and click Basic Settings…
  2. Open the Web.Config file in Notepad.
  3. Find the line that looks like this:
    <add key="SettingsPath" value="C:Vantage Web Data"/>
  4. Change c:Vantage Web Data to the location you would like to use and save the file.
  5. In Windows Explorer, copy all files and folders from C:Vantage Web Data (or where ever your original location was) to the new location you specified in step 4
  6. Restart IIS by going to Start | Run and type iisreset /restart

The Windows Temporary Folder

The Windows Temporary folder can also be modified, but please note this is a system wide change.

  1. Right-click ‘My computer’ and select Properties.
  2. Go to Advanced and Click the Environment Variables button
  3. Change the location for the ‘TEMP’ and ‘TMP’ environment variables (do not use the same location specified in step 4 above)

Vantage and the Vantage Web Module (Ultimate only) will now use your new locations to temporarily and permanently keep your Storage files.

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