Vantage Update

We’ve just released an auto update for WebSpy Vantage (Premium, Giga and Ultimate) as well as the Web Module.

This is a great update for Vantage Ultimate users as we’ve introduced a new feature/tab into the Web Module called ‘Dynamic Reports’.

If you’re publishing the same report to the Web Module each day, you can use the Dynamic Reports tab to select a date range and a department (or whatever organizational groups you have defined) and the Web Module will collate all the daily reports that match that filter into one report. This allows you to report on entire week, month or year by simply ‘reporting on reports’, rather than reporting months of raw storage data.

Here’s the full list of changes since the last auto update ( on the 14th April 2010).

Application Changes

  • Added Dynamic Reports feature to the Web Module.
  • Rewrote the Web Module transfer protocol. New protocol adds version checking, connection checking, and integrity checking for high latency environments.
  • Purge data from storage task no longer prevents importing new hits when all data is removed from an input within a storage.
  • IPv6 addresses now show IPv4-mapped addresses as plain IPv4 addresses in summaries.
  • IPv6 and IPv4 addresses are now freely interchangable in filter expressions.
  • Fixed IPv6 drilldowns on the Summaries screen
  • SQL inputs can now be resumed from the previous position. Previously any input that was partially imported would be skipped when importing new hits.
  • Template-based analysis has been fixed, no longer results in blank/non-existent analysis.
  • Added new string manipulation functions to expression language; Contains, StartsWith, EndsWith, IndexOf.

Loader Changes

  • Astaro: Now checks that the ID field is present in a line before attempting to read it.
  • Barracuda Web Filter: Added this format to replace Spy Filter.
  • BlueCoat Proxy SG W3C: Added support for gmttime, timestamp, x-bluecoat-surfcontrol-is-denied and x-bluecoat-transaction-id.
  • ClearSwift: Added a new loader group for ClearSwift that includes the MimeSweeper loaders
  • ClearSwift SECURE Web Gatway: Now supported with the Web Appliance loader
  • Clearswift Web Appliance: User summary displays Source IP if Username is blank.
  • IronPort WSA: Fixed memory usage issues.
  • Microsoft FTMG: Added category name lookup to SQL loader.
  • Microsoft FTMG: No longer fails to import lines where the rule field contains square brackets.
  • Microsoft FTMG: URL Category field is now a string instead of an integer. Added URL Categorization Reason field.
  • Microsoft FTMG: Fixed memory usage issues.
  • Microsoft IIS W3C: No longer hangs or crashes when loading a file that isn’t IIS W3C.
  • NetAsq: Added support for srcname field. The Username summary is populated with user first, and then srcname if user is blank. The User summary is also now populated with Source IPs if the Username summary is blank.

To update WebSpy Vantage, simple select Tools | Check for updates.

To update the Web Module, login to the Web Module server, right-click the WebSpy system tray icon, and select Check for updates.

As always, please contact us if you have any issues or questions.

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