TWIST Startup Meetup in Perth

Jack Andrys, CEO of WebSpy (longtime sponsor of This Week in Startups), organized the first This Week in Startups Meetup in Perth, Australia, on the 8th of June 2010, at WebSpy’s headquarter.

The meet-up attracted just under 20 attendees, making it the largest in Australia. A great mix of people showed up to present their business, ask questions, discuss ideas and simply interact.

Similar to the guests and callers for the TWIST podcast, majority of presentations and discussions focused on technology, innovations and start-up tips. It was a great pleasure being in a room brimming with entrepreneurship, ideas, business acumen, pizza and alcohol :).

Some of the Presenters


Stuart (above), one of the partners from Bonobo, talked about their successful iPhone and iPad applications, including Yoink, iBoost (number 1 in Japan, top 5 in Australia, and top 20 in the US), as well as their iPad books and magazines.


Alex (above), JavaScript engineer at NearMap, an Australian PhotoMap media company that creates very clear, current and changing PhotoMaps and terrain data, capturing multiple views of the landscape at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional systems.

The Company’s world-leading technology enables PhotoMaps to be updated much more frequently than other providers (Google Maps!), which can be months, if not years out of date.


Matthew, from Digital Mapping Solutions (DMS) presented DMS’s local intelligence and GIS solutions. Matthew works 4 days a week to balance his day job with his own development projects including a ‘self monitoring application’ that watches what programs and websites you use to stop you procrastinating. Among other things, the application minimizes the unproductive windows (as qualified by the person using the application) if left open for too long. Expected release is end of 2010.


For more information about upcoming Perth meet-ups follow WebSpy on Twitter.

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