Advantages of using WebSpy with Cisco IronPort – New Video

WebSpy has been working closely with Cisco and the IronPort team over the past few years to develop what we believe is the most intuitive, flexible and fastest reporting solution for Cisco IronPort users.

We’ve just completed our ‘WebSpy Reporting for Cisco IronPort’ video. Although this video is aimed at the Cisco channel we’d thought we share it with the rest of the WebSpy community as it provides a great high level overview of Vantage Ultimate’s ability to, not only import and spit out reports, but to learn about an organization’s structure in order to securely deliver the right report to the right person at the right time.

Vantage Ultimate is structured in two parts. One windows application, that handles administration of importing log files, learning about your organizational structure, creating and running reports, and one web application (aka the web module) where users can securely log in to view the report that has been produced for them.

Have a look at the short video below to find out what WebSpy’s founder, Jack Andrys, and product operations manager, Scott Glew, have to say about WebSpy’s and IronPort’s compatibility, as well as a demo of Vantage Ultimate in action.


WebSpy Reporting for IronPort from Fastvue on Vimeo.


What’s the point with secure and easy report distribution you might ask? Well, among other things:

Distribute Information. Distribute Responsibility.

IT Managers are too often left with the responsibility of managing and enforcing acceptable Internet usage for the entire organization.

Using Vantage Ultimate administrators can distribute reports to managers or department heads that show the activity of their direct subordinates, placing the responsibility of enforcing acceptable usage with the managers themselves.

Empower Users. Full Disclosure.

You can use Vantage Ultimate to distribute reports to each member in your organization detailing their own personal Internet usage (sites visited, search terms used etc). This empowers users to modify their own behavior once they understand how much of their activity is productive or unproductive and what it costs the organization. It also serves as a gentle reminder to employees that their activities are being recorded and that they should keep their online behavior within the bounds of the organization’s acceptable use policy.

From a privacy point of view, Vantage Ultimate is an easy way to provide employees with full disclosure regarding the information recorded about them.

Self Serve, On-Demand Investigation.

You can also use Vantage Ultimate to distribute original data storages to any of your organization’s members, enabling them to conduct their own ad-hoc drilldowns on any information they require. For example, distribute storages to HR managers enabling them to investigate the activity of employees that have handed in their resignation notice, but still have access to confidential company resources.

Protect Employee Privacy.

By assigning permissions to each of your Vantage Ultimate users, you can ensure they can only view the reports they are allowed to view. However, some employees need to view the traffic of all users, but do not necessarily need to identify users. For example, a network administrator may need to view the amount of traffic downloaded from a particular site per user, but does not need to know which users where involved.

This is easily achieved using the ‘Identify users’ permission, which masks all usernames with a hash code.


For more information about WebSpy’s compatibility with Cisco IronPort and free 30 day trials, visit

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