29 07, 2010

Vantage Update – New Loaders, Features and Fixes

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We’ve just released an update to the Vantage range of application, including the Web Module. This release will be welcomed with open arms by many customers for the following reasons: General usability improvements in the Web Module Multi-select / delete options, Ajax progress indicators to avoid page refreshes, export from Dynamics Report tab and more [...]

18 06, 2010

Video: How to use WebSpy Vantage to report on IronPort log files

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I’ve produced a video on how to use WebSpy Vantage to report on IronPort’s Web Security Appliance’s access log files. It is quite a detailed look at the key tasks involved in setting up and using WebSpy Vantage with IronPort WSA access logs, and is therefore divided into several parts. The videos take you through [...]

20 05, 2010

Vantage Update

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We've just released an auto update for WebSpy Vantage (Premium, Giga and Ultimate) as well as the Web Module. This is a great update for Vantage Ultimate users as we've introduced a new feature/tab into the Web Module called 'Dynamic Reports'. Here's the full list of changes since the last auto update ( on the 14th April 2010).

12 03, 2010

Vantage Update – New Fields for IronPort

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We have just added support for the 'Group' field in IronPort's access logs. You can add this field to your logs by adding %g in the 'Custom Fields' edit box. We have also added support for the custom fields Body Request Size and Body Response Size.