Vantage Update – New Loaders, Features and Fixes

We’ve just released an update to the Vantage range of application, including the Web Module.

This release will be welcomed with open arms by many customers for the following reasons:

  • General usability improvements in the Web Module
    Multi-select / delete options, Ajax progress indicators to avoid page refreshes, export from Dynamics Report tab and more (see below)
  • Fixes to the Microsoft Forefront TMG loader
    See my other post: Microsoft Forefront TMG logs size fields the wrong way around. Also fixed ‘value cannot be null’ error when importing SQL logs.
  • Fixes to storage corruption issues
    This build should prevent ‘Normalization Index’ storage corruption issues from occurring. This often occurred after importing data, editing some log inputs and reimporting.
  • New loaders and more fixes
    See below for the full list

To update your Vantage application, simply choose Tools | Check for updates. To update the Web Module, right-click the WebSpy icon in your system tray and select ‘Check for updates’. If you have any issues updating the Web Module, please see my previous post Web Module Update Errors and Workarounds.

Web Module Changes:

  • New: Task progress is now updated without refreshing the page
  • New: Added multi-select / delete functionality to Reports, Analyses and Storages tables.
  • New: Added export functionality to Dynamic Reports view.
  • New: Added Performance section on the Options tab to enabling multi-processing (improves Analysis speed)
  • Fix: Dynamic Reports view now supports Trend reports.
  • Fix: Organization selector on Dynamic Reports view now always reflects updated data under IE6/7/8.Fix: Fixed javascript errors in IE when expanding the organization filter.
  • Fix: Report template names are no longer truncated on the Dynamic Reports view.
  • Fix: Fixed errors that may occur when collating reports on the Dynamic Reports page.
  • Fix: Authentication errors are now logged with stack trace.

Vantage Changes

  • Fixed: ‘Normalization index’ storage corruption problems.
  • Fix: Report collation: Added support for collation of Min/Max aggregates on DateTime columns (time of first hit etc). Also added support for arrayed fields (for example, category fields with a comma separated list of categories)
  • Fix: Import windows wizard now remembers settings for Import all or selected users
  • Fix: Organization: Filtered LDIFs may now be imported when references to some users are missing (for example, if a user’s manager does not exist in the LDIF)
  • Fix: Improved connection and error handling between Vantage and the Web Module.

Loader Changes

  • New: BlueReef Sonar Total Management Module
  • New: Microsoft Sharepoint 2007
  • New: SmoothWall Guardian 7.0 format
  • New: Sun One Proxy (Supported under Sun One Webserver)
  • Fixed: Astaro: Improved format detection
  • Fixed: Cisco: Strings in the IP fields of 113019 lines are now imported
  • Fixed: IronPort WSA: Improved log format detection
  • Fixed: Microsoft Exchange 2007: No longer raises issues regarding total-bytes or internal-message-id fields
  • Fixed: Micorosft FTMG (Web) SQL: No longer encounters value could not be null errors
  • Fixed: Microsoft FTMG: Added option to reverse bytes received/sent fields. See Microsoft Forefront TMG logs size fields the wrong way around
  • Fixed: Microsoft IIS W3C: Now imports cs-method and connection ID
  • Fixed: Sophos Web Appliance: Switched the outgoing and ingoing sizes so that they are now the correct way around
  • Fixed: Fixed import new hits issue associated with W3C formats. You must reload your logs before this change will take affect. Formats affected include: BlueCoat, Clearswift, Microsoft Exchange 2007, Microsoft FTMG, Microsoft Windows Media Services, WebSpy Live Tracking Log


Microsoft Forefront TMG logs size fields the wrong way around

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