How much do IronPort WSA Appliances eat?

If you are thinking about deploying IronPort Web Security Appliances you probably want to plan how much disk space to budget for with regards to logging and reporting.

Every organization is different with regards to the volume of logs it creates, but I’ve averaged three data sets submitted to us by customers to produce the following estimates.

You will create roughly 0.9 MB of IronPort WSA access logs per user per day.

Once imported into a WebSpy Storage, the Storage will be about 90% of your original log file size. If you apply NTFS compression to the storage folder, the actual size on disk of the WebSpy Storage will be about 30% of your original log data.

So an organization with 1000 users will produce about 900 MBs of access logs per day. The default WebSpy StorageĀ  will be 810 MB, but with NTFS compression, the size on disk will around 270 MB.

As I said, this is a rough guide based on the average of three sets of sample logs we have in house, so please run your own tests and if you can, let us know your values in the comments below.

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