Migrating WebSpy Vantage to a different machine

Imagine you’ve just spent the last six months setting up storages, aliases, profiles, scheduled tasks and so on, and you need to migrate all this to another machine. Of course you could go to the Aliases screen and click ‘Save Aliases’, then go to the new machine and click ‘Open Aliases’, and repeat for every setting you want to move across. But there is an easier way.

When Vantage closes, it saves all its current configuration to files located in the following locations:

  • Windows Vista & Server 2008:
    C:Users\<user profile>\AppData\Roaming\WebSpy\Vantage <edition> <version>
  • Windows XP & Server 2003:
    C:Documents and Settings\<user profile>\Application Data\WebSpy\Vantage <edition> <version>

When Vantage opens, it loads the information contained in these files.

To move all your settings across, you can simply copy all the files in this location on your original machine, into the same folder on the new machine (make sure Vantage is closed when you do this).

When you open Vantage on the new machine and you’ll have all your settings moved across.

If you’re using scheduled tasks, one thing to note is that copying these files will not recreate the Windows scheduled task jobs. To get your tasks functioning on the new machine:

  • Go to the Tasks tab and double-click each scheduled task.
  • Proceed through the wizard and make sure all the settings are correct.
  • Enter your authentication details on the last page and click OK.

This will create a new Windows scheduled task job which should run as it did on the old machine.

Please note that this process only moves ‘settings’ across to the new machine. If Storages and Reports were being written to a location on the old machine, then you will need to move these across to the Storages and Reports locations on the new machine (check Tools | Options | Paths for these locations).

Also take access privileges into account. If you’re old installation was set to create storages in \servermystorages, make sure the new machine also has write privileges to this location.

That’s pretty much all there is too it. Happy migrating!

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