Pending Removal of the WebSpy Analyzer Range

We recently announced that our Analyzer Range is due to be removed from our product portfolio. Removed in this instance means that the Analyzer range will become a legacy product, we’ll stop selling and promoting the range and get rid of a big chunk of Analyzer information from our website. This is nothing that will happen overnight but we want to make all stakeholders aware of the upcoming changes at an early stage. Analyzer Giga and Premium are the first to go and we’ll hang on to Analyzer Standard a bit longer as it fulfills a SMB market need yet to be covered by our Vantage range.

Why are we removing it?

It’s pretty simple really. Analyzer has been around for a long time and provides great log file analysis and reporting features for email and web usage. Since Vantage’s release in 2006 the Vantage range has become increasingly popular and now we’ve come to a stage where we want to focus majority of development on one product range and thus provide our clients with one superior product guaranteed to meet their current and future needs.

Why Vantage?

  • In addition to reporting on email and Internet traffic Vantage can report website visitor traffic, firewalls, instant messaging, event logs, routers, anti-virus and anti-spam applications.
  • Superior support for major vendors such as IronPort, Microsoft Forefront TMG, Sophos and Clearswift
  • Increase import & report speed with multi-processing technology
  • Can run as a 64 bit process when installed on 64 bit operating systems. This enables Vantage to utilize more than 2 GB of RAM (a restriction that exists on 32 bit operating systems)
  • Import user and department information from any LDAP compatible directory server using the ‘Import from LDAP’ wizard (including Microsoft® Active Directory and Novell® eDirectory).
  • Securely distribute the right reports to the right people within your organization using Vantage Ultimate’s Web Module
  • Collate existing reports into one overview report. A much faster way of generating reports and freeing up storage space. For example, you can create monthly Internet usage reports, and then combine all these reports to create a yearly report.
  • Trend reporting to view usage and network trends over time and predict future values.
  • Much more

What does this mean to Analyzer Users?

If you own a WebSpy Analyzer perpetual or subscription license there is no need to threat. It is yours to keep and we wouldn’t dream of forcing you to change license. You will be able to continue using your Analyzer product as you always have till the end of days and we will continue provide you with all the support you need. However, as there will be no major updates to the Analyzer Range and we have a product that is far superior with major updates on a regular basis, we do recommend all Analyzer users to start thinking about upgrading to our Vantage range.

To find out more about upgrading from Analyzer to Vantage contact your local WebSpy reseller or office.

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