Vantage Update (Exchange 2010, Juniper and IronPort Traffic Logs, and more)

We have released an automatic update for the Vantage range of applications. This update includes some new loader formats, an experimental feature as well minor fixes and improvements.

Of note, this release includes full support for Microsoft Exchange 2010 Tracking logs (previously supported with the Exchange 2007 loader, but missing a few fields), as well as JunOS (Juniper) Traffic Logs, IronPort Traffic Monitor Logs and Squid Syslog.

We’ve also included an experimental feature to allow multiple instances of WebSpy Vantage to run on the same operating system. The goal here is to run multiple reports at the same time using multiple instances of the application. To do this, we have also included a second experimental feature to disable storage locking. This allows multiple instances of Vantage to read from the same storage at once. These features can only be enabled by including a config file next to the Vantage’s executable. More on this feature here.

Here’s the full list of changes:

Application Changes

  • New: Added suffix option to Import Windows Users wizard in Aliases.
  • New: Date modifiers now supports h for hour and n for minute, e.g. %[-2h,yyyyMM – HH].
  • New: Added tracing to storage publish task.
  • Experimental: Multiple instances of Vantage can now be run simultaneously, by adding the multipleInstance key to the application config file.
  • Experimental: Storage locking can be turned off to allow multiple instances of Vantage to run reports on a single storage simultaneously. This is done by adding the storageLocking key to the application config file.
  • Fix: Import Organization merge options now appends attributes if keep existing user details is selected, and replaces attributes if update user details from the directory is selected.
  • Fix: Import Organization merge no longer replaces user’s passwords.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where no results were returned when filtering on time less than one day – such as past n hours.
  • Fix: Storages are no longer duplicated in the Import new hits task dialog.
  • Fix: Fixed issues where the Site Domain summary included sub-domains for European domains (.fr, .be etc).
  • Fix: SQL server inputs now commit correctly if the user edits the input and only changes the port number.

Loader Changes

  • New: IronPort Traffic Monitor Logs.
  • New: Juniper JunOS Traffic Logs (SRX).
  • New: Microsoft Exchange 2010.
  • New: Squid Syslog.
  • Improved: Astaro Security Gateway: Added support for an additional different syslog header.
  • Improved: SonicWall: Split syslog format into Web and Firewall schemas, added support for User field, string-type Category field and split Protocol field.
  • Fix: Microsoft FTMG: Changed type of Object Source field in from Int32 to String. Users will need to clear/field select/reload their storages before this change will apply.
  • Fix: Astaro Mail Gateway: Improved format detection, fixed negative size issue, and Index out of bounds errors.
  • Fix: IronPort WSA: Improved format detection.

How to update

To update your software, simply click Tools | Check for updates. Vantage Ultimate users will also need to update the Web Module in order to use the new loader formats that have been added. To update the Vantage Web Module, right-click the WebSpy system tray icon and select ‘Check for updates’. If you have issues with the Web Module update process, please see:

Let me know if you have any questions or issues!

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