12 11, 2010

How much do IronPort WSA Appliances eat?

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If you are thinking about deploying IronPort Web Security Appliances you probably want to plan how much disk space to budget for with regards to logging and reporting. Every organization is different with regards to the volume of logs it creates, but I’ve averaged three data sets submitted to us by customers to produce the [...]

27 10, 2010

Watch your TMG's waist line. Switch log format and reduce fat now!

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We often recommend customers using Microsoft ISA or TMG switch their logging to W3C text file, in order to get the best possible import speed, and also because the text logs are much easier to access from a remote machine (see my previous article on accessing TMG’s SQL Express Log database). Logging to the default [...]

27 10, 2010

Google Claim 6.4% of Internet traffic. Help us put this to the test

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According to recent report, Google has a record slice, 6.4%, of the world’s Internet traffic. An accurate figure? Well, we wanted to put this claim to the test and therefore started off by investigating the share of WebSpy’s traffic to Google sites. We also encourage our Vantage and Analyzer users to do the same thing [...]

21 10, 2010

Twitter Evolution Infographic and Amazing Usage Statistics

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As it’s always been pretty difficult getting accurate figures on Twitter demographics and usage I was pretty chuffed to come across below statistics and facts. If you are, or considering, blocking Twitter at your workplace please have a look through these amazing numbers and think again. Seems like Twitter is here to stay doesn’t it? [...]

20 10, 2010

Make Internet Access at Aged Care Facilities Mandatory

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I came across this great article about elderly people at aged care facilities and their use of the Internet and social media. After reading the article I continued with some quick and dirty research. It is pretty clear, and not very surprising, that only a minority of aged care facilities around the world offer Internet [...]

9 09, 2010

Movie Quote Conversation – Some Leisure Browsing to Increase Productivity

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An evening not too long ago, one of our developers had nothing better to do than compiling movie quotes from Jack Nicholson and Arnold Schwarzenegger into a very amusing conversation. I wanted to share this clip with the rest of you to brighten up your day AND provide you with a short an unobtrusive break, [...]

23 08, 2010

Vantage Update (Juniper SA, Forefront Protection and more)

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We have just released an auto update for the Vantage range of applications. This update includes support for the Juniper SA series and Microsoft Forefront Protection for Exchange 2010. Here’s the full list of changes: New: Juniper SA Series. Vantage can import and report on web traffic and VPN connections. New: Microsoft Forefront Protection for [...]