Twitter Evolution Infographic and Amazing Usage Statistics

As it’s always been pretty difficult getting accurate figures on Twitter demographics and usage I was pretty chuffed to come across below statistics and facts.

If you are, or considering, blocking Twitter at your workplace please have a look through these amazing numbers and think again. Seems like Twitter is here to stay doesn’t it? The distinction between personal and professional Twitter usage is diminishing as it is being adopted by the masses as an every day tool to communicate with friends, provide networking opportunities, locate critical contacts, leads and receive timely industry news. Blocking access to Twitter, or other social media sites, means blocking an online revolution and depriving the needs of a professional workforce. This in turn can cause resentment, increase costly turnovers and reduce productivity by complicating or delaying accomplishment of tasks.

Big thank you to the guys at for putting together this handy infographic. Website Monitoring monitors the availability of your site, not a WebSpy competitor ;).

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