WebSpy on Windows 7

Now that Microsoft have officially released the long awaited Windows 7 Operating System, I thought I’d write a quick blog on WebSpy’s current support for Windows 7.

Supported on Windows 7

The following WebSpy products support Windows 7:

  • WebSpy Analyzer (Standard, Premium and Giga)
    Analyzer customers will need to download the latest version of their product as support for Windows 7 was uploaded today (9th November 2009).
  • WebSpy Vantage (Premium, Giga and Ultimate)
    All products within the Vantage range have officially supported Windows 7 since version 2.2 was released onĀ  24th June 2009.
  • WebSpy Insight for Microsoft SBS Premium
    Although Insight for Microsoft SBS Premium does not mention Windows 7 support in its documentation, it will install and run on Windows 7 without issue.

Not ‘Officially’ Supported on Windows 7

WebSpy Live, Sentinel and FlowMonitor are not yet officially supported on Windows 7 and will be updated soon. In the mean time, here are some instructions on how to get these products working on Windows 7 right now.

WebSpy Live

The existing version of Live will install and run on Windows 7 with one minor issue. When you run the application, there will be no Triggers, Aliases, or Profiles available.

To fix this:

  1. Install and run WebSpy Live on Windows 7.
  2. Shutdown WebSpy Live by right-clicking the Live icon in the Windows system tray and selecting ‘Shutdown’

    Shutting down WebSpy Live on Windows 7

    Shutting down WebSpy Live on Windows 7

  3. Download the following file containing WebSpy Live’s default Triggers, Aliases and Profiles:
    WebSpy Live Default Files (zip – 19.7 KB).
  4. Extract the zip file to C:Users<your user profile>AppDataRoamingWebSpyLive 2.2 and overwrite the existing files.
  5. Run WebSpy Live. You will now be able to see a list of Triggers, Profiles and Aliases on the respective Configuration screens in WebSpy Live.

WebSpy Sentinel

WebSpy Sentinel will not yet install on Windows 7 due to an issue with the included version of WinPCap (the packet driver used by Sentinel).

To fix this:

  1. Download and install the latest version (4.1.1) of WinPCap from http://www.winpcap.org/install/default.htm
  2. Install WebSpy Sentinel. The product should install and run without issue.


Unfortunately no work around is available for WebSpy FlowMonitor. We will update the product to work with Windows 7 as soon as possible.

Got a problem?

If you experience an issue running these products on Windows 7, or any other Windows operating system for that matter, please let us know!

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